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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Potty Training Early

Elimination Communication (EC) 

So I was talking to my mom about how things are going. "I am starting a blog, our baby's super healthy and tells us every time he wants to pee, I am feeling optimistic, getting lots of exercise, hubby driving me crazy waking baby during nap time (he has a week off from work!)" and she says, "well honey sounds like everything is good."

Ha. We thought that elimination communication would make for a happier baby and less diaper waste. (More on diaper waste here. LINK) We thought that we would really like feeling like we had helped our little darling to stay dry and have clear communications with us about diapers.

This is going way too well. Let me elaborate?

Our 18 week old boy (boys are supposedly notorious for not wanting to potty train?!) already cries if he has a diaper on. I don't mean a wet nappy- he cries just because we put on a diaper. I would say he thinks it is unfair he has to wear one and we don't, but we at least usually wear underwear...

This little guy starts to fuss when he needs to pee and poo. We used to think he had gas or colic or that I produced too much milk. Instead, it seems he needs to go to the bathroom (really, the bathroom at 18 weeks, ha!) about every 20 minutes. If we are in the car and we pull over and pull off the nappy, he will pee on the side of the road.

If this sounds good to you.. here's more (LINK) on how we did it.

Bottom line: elimination communication has worked waaaay too well for us. My advice to another parent might be that once they go diaper free, it's hard to go back. Every baby is different, but ours wants to be bare bottomed all the time now, and it's tough. This means every potty time (every few minutes sometimes) we are going to the bathroom again.

I'll post updates as this changes. Right now part of the difficulty is that we have a potty trained baby but he can't get himself to the bathroom- understandably frustrating for him!

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