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Thursday, June 11, 2015

More about diaper free baby

Elimination Communication, Part 2

Tips and Tricks

Have you heard of Squatty Potty? Positioning is key for elimination, for adults as well as babies. The idea here is to align the colon in the "proper" way to aid in smooth elimination without added pressure. Here's a pic of the Tao model, made of bamboo and adjustable height. This would allow family members to share...

Holding a baby in the right way to assist them in peeing and pooing is pretty easy. We do it like this: 1. Align the baby's back to your belly. Make sure their head is supported if necessary.
2. Put your hands under their thighs and gently lift.
3. Voila! Your baby is probably happily peeing right now, or pooing...

There are a few tricks to this. If he is crying in the pee/poo position, it really might be gas discomfort and he will often still go momentarily.. just a matter of patience on our part and compassion. If he seems to need to go, but isn't, generally he's just distracted by a pretty light, music, or a sound nearby. When this is the case, a warm washcloth on his hand works quickly to release the urine. If we walk away from the bathroom and he needed to go, he'll usually tell us.

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