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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baby wipes

Eliminating Diaper Rash - No more Disposable Wipes??

We started out using seventh generation baby wipes. We'd purchased them weeks before having little baby dude (LBD) thinking we'd need them, and slews of them, before his first few weeks were over. In fact, we bought an 8 pack with something like 120 each.

Right away, we used cloth diapers and only occasionally used "paper" disposables. Planning for LBD to be truly little, we had at least 14 diapers that were for newborns (more on that in the diapers & "what to wear" post.. in the works) but we started to notice that when we used the disposables, he got rashy.

By six or so weeks, we'd mostly stopped using disposable diapers. As we'd read on other parenting and diaper blogs, we were much more likely to have "backsplosions" and other malfunctions plus we wanted to eradicate rashiness altogether and believed it to be possible.

I was looking at Etsy and was SO surprised to see there's been a paperless revolution of families replacing their toilet paper, paper towels, and hand cloths with CLOTH. Wow. This makes a lot of sense, and raises some hygiene questions. I'll do some more research and make another post on this topic.

I found an Etsy shop with really cute little cloths and a note that said, "you'll really appreciate the two-ply" and so I took the dive. I ordered 24- 4"x5" cloths that had patterns - fireflies in jars on some, and elephants and other "jungle" animals on the others. These arrived quickly and I started using them right away. It happened kinda fast that we no longer used any more of the wipes.

Our diaper rash completely went away. Completely. (As long as we did a good job wiping after poos...) Absolutely wonderful.

Ah, one more note: with these fabulous cloth wipes, we started using my peri bottle. At this point, I no longer needed one peri bottle in each of our bathrooms to spray my stitches (& etc) so we re-tooled them for use as baby spray bottles. We just spray a little water on the cloth, wipe him, and presto, happy baby. The bottles have spray tops that press down to close, pull up to open, so we keep one at the diaper table and take one on the go (or leave it in the bedroom for super-groggy late night changes, which seem to be a thing of the past, cuz lately it's a dry diaper and a night time potty-ing instead, urgh...)

So, buying baby diaper wipes is a thing of the past. We've gone paperless. I do so love trees. We're on the cloth revolution & it feels great. Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, no rash, happy baby, happy mommy & happy dada.

<3 <3 <3

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