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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Heat n Bond Magic

  I've been really excited about this stuff called "heat'n bond"

For starters, I hadn't even considered what form it would come in. When I went to Joann's to purchase it, I was informed it was "right there" behind me on a bolt. There was a big sign that it was for sale, so I grabbed the bolt and found it was only $1.49 (USD) per yard...
"Ok, but would I really want a whole yard," I wondered?
So I went for it, and maybe even for two yards...
This stuff is fabulous. Just like I read it would be. Cheers.

I just took some and put it on the back side of my fabric, then ironed a little. It said to iron for 2 secs and I ironed for 6 secs because it also said to iron for 6 after peeling the backing. I got it backwards.

Heat'n Bond 3927 Iron-On Vinyl Matte 24" - By the YardI removed the backing and ironed for two seconds, then checked the label (it comes with a little plastic wrapper that has instructions) and ironed a little more when I realized it was supposed to be 6 seconds. Pretty easy so far... but did it work?

Like a champ. No more pinning for quick projects. Quilting would be a breeze with this. I bet my great great grandma would be proud of us for figuring this stuff out. 

I used an assortment of fabrics to test the results. Pictured below are poly satin, cotton sateen, felt, 100% "kona" cotton, and light polyesters (think 50's button up grandma shirts.) Oh, and faux purple fur. And purple linen under it. There was one aspect of this that proved tricky: to get the faux fur to adhere I had to get it pretty hot, but I'm sure it would melt if it got hot enough. I didn't want fur melted to my iron, so I covered it with another piece of fabric. This worked pretty well, but I ended up turning it upside down with yet another piece of fabric to protect the other layers. If you run into trouble, just think in layers. :)

Here's an image of four swatches I made on my first run:

More fun with heat'n bond (lite) to come! What projects do you use heat'n bond for?

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