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Sunday, October 4, 2015

8 Month Update

8 months have absolutely flown by since our LBD (little baby dude) arrived in February.

He's just started sitting after about a month of crawling, which gives us about 30 second-breathers in between his favorite game, "Please chase me," and his favorite activity, "Can I climb this?"

This is a really fun time at our house, and as "new" parents, we're learning tons. I suppose each baby is so different that even a second child in our household would bring us tons of learning, but there are things we just didn't anticipate.

For example, though we provide LBD some really neat learning toys, he prefers what I've started to call "adult tech." Usually these are things we don't want to share with him yet, such as coffee mugs, glasses, kitchen machines, car keys, writing tools, and even toilet paper rolls.

So, we do our best to keep offering him toys and have found a couple ways to keep them interesting.I read about how "magic" makes babies prefer certain toys. The example I read was from a study at Emory in which babies were more interested in toys which seemed to break a rule they understood. The toy would pass behind a wall then reappear, whereas the other toys did not reappear.