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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Crib and Mattress Shopping

We thought a crib was absolutely necessary for our little baby dude. We were probably right. It's not yet, but we will likely soon be very, very glad we have it. We are very glad we chose a crib and mattress that will work for awhile. (unlike our super cool but almost outsized carseat)

We got the Gulliver crib from IKEA in birch wood (unpainted). I've included some images from the IKEA website. When I searched for it on the internet to write this post, I was happily surprised to find that this Gulliver is spelled just like the one from the story, Gulliver's Travels. Fun!

We looked at Sniglar (only $69 USD!) but it seemed a bit flimsy and I like to have stuff that can withstand a bit of rough use. The Gulliver has wider corner posts and just looks lots more sturdy. Like the Sniglar, it comes in plain wood and they both have a removable side so that it can be a toddler bed after the crib days our past.

Here's a really fun IKEA hack for a cosleeper Gulliver bed (3 cheers for Petriojk, engineer/dad):

hacked IKEA GULLIVER co sleeper crib

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