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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Diapering - Wet Bag

We got a wet bag once we wanted to be out more often.

It wasn't at all needed when we were mostly home, but our little baby dude soaks a lot of diapers, especially with pee, and we didn't want to use disposables when we're out unless necessary (if we ran out of cloth, for example). Every couple days I wash this in the diaper laundry as it starts to smell pretty funky if we actually use it. And we use it every time we go out.

I couldn't imagine needing one that was as big as the one I purchased, but at 12.5 x 15.5 inches, it's just right. This would be an item that would be worthwhile to have two of, one for the wash and one for using.

Here's an image of a wetbag like ours:

April Flowers - Wet/Dry
My hubby and I value the few features this bag has; they are all necessary. This is the only wetbag I've used, so I'm not sure if we'd need or want anything more.


Strap with snap for easy carry along & attaching to other bags. (so many bags!)

Zippered front pocket for "clean" things, such as our wipes, spray bottle, shells, and inserts. I always throw in an extra onesie & baby pants.

PUL liner to keep wet stuff inside.

This one is from Planet Wise. I wanted to buy one locally made but they all had princesses and I'm so not a fan. :p

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