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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Diapering - Finding Shells

Top Choice (for us) is the One Size Fits Most and Snaps

Shells by Gro-Via

True size. 

G-diapers(S/M/L/XL), Thirsties (only 2 sizes), Bummis for newborns, Happy Heiny (I found this page absolutely overwhelming!)

Newborn Shells vs. AIO Diapers (LINK)

PUL exposed. (Polyurethane laminate)

PUL is the stuff that makes these diapers mostly leak free. This is only part of what makes a good diaper. Another key is fit.

Econobum & Wink are in this PUL exposed category. On the upside, when our LBD wets his liners with econobums and wink's covers, we can feel the warmth on the outside so it makes the turn-around time from pee to clean again faster. I'm not sure there are any cons, but they do take a little longer to dry after wetting than the Gro-via's.


(hook & loop, aplix)
Why I don't like velcro:
1.  Our 5 month old already gleefully pulls these off.
2.  He's gotten little scratches from them since he was a newbie, and that makes us a little sad.
3.  It wakes our baby if he's asleep, I'm changing him and I pull the velcro.

Why we kinda like (hubby definitely likes, baby loves) velcro:
1.  It's most like a disposable diaper, EASY to use. 
2.  LBD pulls them off- it totally thrills him.
3.  Easy for other people to use for our LBD.


 (compatibility doesn't matter for our recommended style of diapering.)

Fitted, no closures

Wool "longies," pull overs- usually woolen

I love these, but I haven't grown to trust them fully yet. Maybe in time...  

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