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Monday, July 13, 2015

Diapering - Pail

We use a DEKOR diaper pail. I like that these come in colors, and really like the "sage" green one we chose. This pail holds in the pee/poo odors pretty well, and supports our full-cloth system well. We put our reusable wipes into the pail, too.  There's a little knob that allows the caretakers to lock the pail's door - the part you push the diaper into. The insert can be plastic bags, or can be pail liners that are washable. We really like the reusable bag and haven't used any of the plastic ones that came with it. Hmm, maybe we'll re-purpose these as household garbage bags...

I found this awesome picture with explanations on this website.
Dekor makes pail liners that fit their pails, and I just got two- one for the laundry and one for the pail. This way one's usually clean while the other's in the wash with the diapers. Um, actually there's a kinda funny story behind this pail choice. I found the liners at Target on clearance for $6 instead of the $24+ that they go for at full retail value. I bought them before we even had a baby shower, thinking I wouldn't be able to beat that price, and that if the company made cloth pail liners, I would probably like the pail. I looked it up in the store on my "smart"phone and liked it well enough to add it to our registry.

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