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Friday, December 16, 2016

21 month update, whew, it's going by so fast!

We've been really focused on nourishing foods for our big guy:
Bone* Broth
Meatballs (GF/paleo recipe with bacon, liver*, sausage and beef)
Meat sauce with meatballs, bone broth, and tomato
Egg* nog: (baby approved :) raw milk, bone broth, egg, vanilla & honey (*add creme de cacao for grown-up tastes)
Brussel sprouts, chard,
Ghee, kefir, raw dairy* & cheeses

Lifestyle: still napping 2 hrs a day, sometimes 3. Cheers! Easier travel, still life with a baby.

I'm 6 mos pregnant and excited about our new arrival. We are doing it all naturally; still not sure if we're having a boy or a girl!

Note: local & pasture raised whenever possible

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